1.1.        General Introduction

1.2.        Types of Building Structures:

 1.2.1. Residential Buildings:- Storey buildings; duplex; special residential buildings

1.2.2. Institutional  Buildings: such as schools; hospitals; hotels; churches; mosques; central

bank; royal palaces; special residential buildings; etc.

1.2.3. Commercial Buildings: such as shopping malls; light weight ware houses; garages; commercial banks

1.2.4. Industrial Buildings: such as: manufacturing building structures; heavy weight ware houses

2. Structural Elements of Buildings and Basics of Building Construction


2.1.1. Building Orientation with respect to conducive living conditions and other building functions such as: Sunlight; lighting; ventilation, wind direction (windward and leeward sides); aesthetics purposes; etc

2.1.2. Building right of way: such percentage built up areas; building lines; local bye laws; water ways; electrical power lines; etc.

2.2. Introduction to Basic Structural Elements of Buildings: such as slabs; beams; columns; foundations types – strip (wall) footing; pad footing; mat footing; piles, etc; Floor types: earth floor; concrete floor; wooden floor; plastering

Floor Surfacefinishings with such tile types as: terrazzo; mosaics; ceramics; duroflex (PVC); etc

Wall: types; rendering or plastering; painting; other finishings; Blocks and Bricks and Bonding (block works)

Roof types: pitched roofs; flat roofs; slab roofs; trusses such as simple trusses; Howe trusses; girders etc

Cladding and Roofing Sheets;

Ceiling: noggins; ceiling boards; fascia board; etc 2.3. Aspects of Building Construction

2.3.1. Clearing Building Project Sites with such equipment as: bulldozers; manual labour; disposals etc

2.3.2. Preliminary site investigation and tests

2.3.3 Setting out of buildings with such instruments as: profiles; set squares; right angles; pegs; theodolites, etc.

2.3.4.Earthworks: excavation and disposal for the Substructure; Soil stabilization; haulage of appropriate materials from approved borrow pits; filling (embankment); compacting; etc


2.3.5.Levelling; Preparation and Blinding of the Substructure Soil Surface with plain concrete (grade 10)

2.4. Concrete works; making foundation; DPC; making formworks and casting or constructing such structural elements as columns; beam soffits; slabs; walls; floors; roofs; finishing; etc.


Level of Study: 300 Level