Fundamental notions and definitions: Continuum property, density, pressure, specific volume, surface tension, viscous compressibility, etc.

Fluid Statics: Hydrostatic forces on submerged surfaces in non-compressible fluid, pressure variation in static fluid, floating, stability considerations of floating bodies.

Dynamics of Fluid Flow: Systems and control volume approach to the basic and subsidiary laws for continuous media leading to the development of conservation equation of mass and momentum. Euler’s equation, Bernoulli’s equation, introduction to incompressible viscous flow of Newtonian fluids in pipes – pressure drop and shear stress in pipe flows, velocity distribution, Reynolds number and its significance.

Dimensional Analysis: Philosophy of dimensional analysis in engineering, dimensional homogeneity, similitude, bucking hands, Pį – Theorem, important dimensionless groups in engineering.

Flow Measurements: Flow meters and Flow measurement, head flow meters in closed and open conduits, mechanical and electromagnetic flow meters, scale errors in flow measurement.


Level of Study: 300 Level