Elements of Fluid Statics: Fluid (water, liquid, air); Density; Pressure; Surface Tension; Viscosity; Compressibility, etc.

Basic Flow Measuring Devices: Orifices; Weir; V-Notch; Pitot Tube; Venturi Meter, Parshall Flume; Prandtl Tube, etc

Static Pressure/Head and Pressure Gauges:

4.1.                Pressure Gauges: U-Tube Manometer; Barometer; etc.

 Hydro – Static Forces Exerted on Vessel Surfaces by Incompressible FluidHydrostatic force; pressure and head; hydrostatic paradox; Hydraulic Jack, etc

Properties of Fluid Section and Buoyancy: Properties of sections; Center of Area; Mass; Volume; Gravity. Buoyancy and Archimedes Principle.

Introduction to Basic Fluid Flow

7.1.                Basics and Types of Flow:

                          Streamlines and Stream Tube;

                         One- Directional Flow;Two- Directional Flow andThree- Directional Flow.

Types of Flow: Uniform/Non-Uniform Flow; Steady/Non-Steady Flow; Laminar and Turbulent Flow; etc.

Level of Study: 200 Level