1. Advanced Topics in Shearing Forces and Bending Moments:

 Relationship between loading intensity, shearing force and bending moment. Shearing force and bending moment diagrams

2. Geometric properties of sections.

 Statically moment of plane areas, moment of inertia of plane areas. Centroidal distances of plane areas, parallel axis theorem, Built-up or composite sections, etc.

3. Elastic bending theory of beams.

 Derivation of standard equation for pure elastic bending (flexures or elastic curve); Bending stress and bending moment; complimentary shear stress.

        Determination of slopes and deflection of Elastic curves of beams by such methods as

4.1. Classical integration method.

4.2. Macaulay’s Method

4.3. Moment Area method

4.4. Conjugate Beam method.

4.5. Principle of Super-position

4.6. Maxwell’s principle of reciprocal deflection.

5. Strain energy methods (Principle of Virtual work)

 For uniform and non-uniform bars subjected to simple tension, bending, shear and torsion.



Level of Study: 200 Level