Force systems composition and resolution of forces, moment, couple, resultants of coplanar and three dimensional force systems, graphical methods in statics. Mechanical isolation of bodies, free body diagrams, conditions for equilibrium of coplanar and three dimensional force systems.

Elasticity: concept of uni-axial stress and strain. Typical stress-strain curve in tensile testing, Hooke’s law, Modulus of Elasticity, proportional limit, elastic limit, yield point, ultimate strength, etc. Safe working stress, factor of safety.


Stress and Strain in axially loaded bar, in bars of varying cross-section and in a bar due to its own weight. Poison’s ratio. Shear stress and strain. Complementary shear stress. Strain energy in simple tensile and shear stress. Composite bars. Temperature stresses.


Forces in Thin-Walled Pressure Vessels: Hoop and Longitudinal stresses in pressure vessels. Bending of Beams: Calculation of reactions in statically determinate beams. Shearing force and bending moment diagrams. Relationship between load, shear force and bending moment. Theory of bending, second moment of area, bending stresses in beams.

Torsion of shafts:Stresses in rotating shafts and thin rotating rings; elastic torsion of solid circular and hollow shafts; shafts of varying diameter, shafts with varying torque, compound shafts.

Level of Study: 200 Level