Gases: Behaviour of Gasses.  Ideal Gas Law, the Law of Partial Pressure.  Gas densities and molecular weights, Equation of state for Real gasses, Liquefaction and gasses.

First Law of Thermodynamics:  Forms of Energy, Conservation of energy, Initial and Isothermal Gas expansion, Adiabatic Expansion, Enthalpy, Latent Heat effects.  Thermo Chemistry: Standard states, Calonmetry, Thermo-chemical Equations, Hess Law, Heat of Reaction, Heats of Formation Heats of Solution, Thermo-chemistry of Ionic solutions, Bond energies.

Second Law of Termodynamics:  Spontaneity, Reversible and Irreversible processes, Gibbs free energy and Entropy, Helmholtz Equation.  Kinetic Theory of Gases:  Postulates of kinetic Theory, Conformation of Kinetic molecular Theory, the Distribution of Molecular Speeds – Maxwell-Boltzmann Laws.

Level of Study: 200 Level