The course examines ideas and principles such as the Meaning of Research; Methodologies of Research; Research as a Scientific Endeavor; Concepts of Scientific Inquiry; Importance of Research in Expanding Knowledge; Business Research Methods; Types of Research; etc. Other areas are Choosing - a Research Topic; Formulating the Research: the Research Proposal; the Dependent & independent Variable; Measurement & Statistics; Hypothesis Testing; Models & Propositions; the Problem Statement; the Research Question(s); Literature Review; Model Building; Conceptual Framework; Measurement & Scaling; Reliability & Validity: Defining the Research Population; Sampling Technique(s); Data Collection; Types of Data; Primary Data; Questionnaire Design & Administration; Secondary Data; Pre-gathered Data editing; Research Design; Coding Data; Presentation of Tables, Charts & Graph; Data Analysis & Interpretation; Writing the Research Report; Problems of Conducting Business Research in Nigeria.

Level of Study: 300 Level