Waves – Types of Waves
Electromagnetic Waves Sources and Applications, Characteristics of Waves, Propagation
of Waves in Various Media. Waves Equation, Vibrations in Solids (Mechanical Waves
and Sound Wave), Propagation of Sound in Solids, Liquid and Gases.
Light – Wave Theory of Light (Huygens Principle) (Reflection, Refraction, Interference,
Diffraction, Polarization). Rectlinear Propagation of Light, Reflection of Light at Plane
Surface, Refraction of Light, Total Internal Reflection (Application), Velocity,
Frequency, Wavelength of Light (in Different Media), Mirrors, Spherical Mirrors, Image
Formation by Mirrors and Application.
Lenses – Lens Combination, Optical Instruments, Doppler Effect, Echoes, Sound
Ranging, Ultrasonic, Production and Application, Ultrasonic Imaging.
Level of Study: 100 Level