Electrostatics, Charge, Electric Field Strength, Electric Flux, Inverse Square Law,
Coulombs Law of Force, Gauss’ Law, Simple Applicators of Electric Fields and Potentials, Potential Difference Fields Due to Simple Charge Distributions,
Superposition Principle, Energy Fields.
Capacitance, Combination of Capacitance, Dielectrics, Polarization, Energy Stored in
Capacitor, Charging and Discharging of Capacitors (Time Constants in R.C. Circuits).
Electric Dipoles, Electric Field and Potential due to Dipoles, Dipoles in Electric Fields
Work Due to Dipoles, Steady Current, Simple D.C. Circuits, Electromotive Force,
Ohm’s Law, Resistance, Resistivity, Conductance, Conductivity, Current Density, Daft
Velocity, Electron Mobility, Relaxation Time Combination of Resistances, Combination
of Cells.
Kirchoff’s Laws, Electric Power, Measurement of Electrical Quantities – Ammeters,
Voltmeters, Potentiometer, Wheatstone Bridge, Potential Divider, Magnetic Effects of
Current – Magnetic Fields due to Simple Electric Circuits, Electromagnetic Effect and
Simple Applications.

Level of Study: 100 Level