Prerequisite: CSC112, CSC212, CSC213 Course Content: Review of IT issues, Policy and Implementation in Nigeria, Security concept and Mechanism, Certificate and certification (SSI,PRI) Authentication & Authorization (Kerberos, Token base) Cryptography (Secret-key, Public –key, Hash function, Crypt-analysis), Digital Signature, Encryption, (process and standards (DES) and Triple (DES), CAST-128 and CAST-2256, Fault tolerance and high availability, Disaster planning and recovering Practical Session: Term paper assignment and visual basic, Java, C++ programming exercise Course Duration/Regulation: This course shall be covered within 15 weeks of 3 hours per week or 45 lecture hours in a semester. The overall assessment shall be on the basis of continuous assessment (CA) and theoretical and Practical exams

Level of Study: 400 Level