Perquisite: CSC111, CSC211 Course Content: Definition of concept with examples OS, DMA, Channel, interrupt, pooling multiprogramming, Environment (Batch, multiprogramming, network). Functions of OS, Design consideration, Adaptation, Implementation, Installation of OS. Components of OS (Shell, Kernel). Sequential & concurrent processing, Mutual exclusion, Critical region Events queues, semaphores Programming, Implementation with (Pascal. C, Java). Deadlocks (Causes, Prevention, Recovery). Decision Criteria, Memory Management, Paging, Virtual Memory, Compaction. Brief technical notes on some OS (MS – DOS, WINDOW, LINUX, UNIX, MAC – OS), Resources Allocation, File Management. Practical Session: Assignment & Technical report on any OS. Course Duration/ Regulation: this shall be covered within 15 weeks of 3 hours in a semester. The overall assessment shall be on the bas

Level of Study: 400 Level