Prerequisite: CSC 112, CSC 226, PHY 221 Course content: Evolution of digital systems (SS1, MS 1, LS1, & VLS1). Introduction to combinational amd Sequential digital system, synchronous system, processors, memories & logic. Combinational circuit. Boolean function, canonical form, k-map, significations & symmetric functions. Combinational circuit design using MS1 block, decoders, multiplexers, ROMS, PLAs, Iterative circuits, adders & comparators. Pattern matching examples. Minimization using quine-mcluskey method for completely specified as well as uncompletely specified function. Definition of implicants, prime implicants & essential prime implicants, register & counters. Basic logic design, data representation, instruction formats. Computer architecture, clock & reset circuitry, memory map design, serial I/O, exception & interrupt, ALU design, system Bus memory. Computer arithmetic, instruction sets,

Level of Study: 300 Level