Course content: 

Definition of basic terms & elementary data structure, data field, subfield, record, file, coding, system (ASCII, EBCDIC), characters integer, Real, Boolean, fixed, floating point, exponent, mantissa, alphanumeric, string, constant, literal, attributes of data & variables (Name, value range, length, type, Address, decimal places). Operation on elementary data type (assignment, concatenation, arithmetic & logic ops). Arrays (1,2, dimensional arrays, arrangement/mapping in storage, column, rows use in fortran pascal, java, C++ as example), list (linear, circular, linked lists, pointers, operation on lists, insert, delete, add, search, sort), stacks, queues, deques, trees (definition, graph, root leaves, leaves, level nodes, vertex, parent, children, siblings, ancestors, descendants, subtree, height, dept, length), types of tree (pedigree, linear, genealogical, decision, games, AVI, binary, 2-3 trees, B-trees, spanning). Traversal algorithms, recursion, block programming techniques, searching & sorting algorithms, symbol tables and Hashing, other types of trees. Practical session: Pascal, C++, Java, C#, Basic programming exercisess 

Course duration/regulation: 

This course shall be covered within 15 weeks of 3 hours per week or 45 lecture hours in a semester. The overall assessment shall be on the basis of continuous assessment (CA) and theoretical and practical exams.

Level of Study: 200 Level