Prerequisite: CSC 113, PHY 112

Course contents

Introduction to computer system, computer system parts, maintenance techniques, approach & tools, diagnostic techniques, system assembly & installation, OS & software installation, troubleshooting & repairs, (Hardware & software). Basic electronics concepts, electronic system, signal & processing, properties & models for resistors, capacitors, inductors, circuit design & analysis (Ohm’s law, kirchhoffs laws, Thevenin’s Theorem). Sensors resistive, capacitive & piezoelectric sensors). Instrumentation, digital amplification & gain, signal conditioning using Op-amps (Buffers, comparators). Analogue to digital converters. Practical session: hardware laboratory exercises.

Course duration/regulations

his course shall be covered within 15 weeks of 3 hours per week or 45 lecture hours in a semester. The overall assessment shall be on the basis of continuous assessment (CA) and theoretical and practical exams.

Level of Study: 100 Level