Prerequisite: CSC 111, CSC 114 

Course Contents

Meaning & History of FORTRAN. Types & acceptable characters, mathematical symbols & common function, complication steps. FORTRAN coding sheet, essential or edit program. Conditions for variable names, data types, default, implicit, explicit data types, data type range, BODMAS, converting formulae to FORTRAN, relational operators, name, parameter, data assignment type, stop, END, read, write, Format, field descriptors, Arrays, GOTO, continue, IF versions, Do loop. Subprograms, Disk Input/Output, printing, character handlings, substring. Practical session: FORTRAN (77 96) programming exercises) 

Course duration/regulation:

This course shall be covered within 15 weeks of 3 hours per week or 45 lecture hours in a semester. The overall assessment shall be on the basis of continuous assessment (CA) and theoretical and practical exams.

Level of Study: 100 Level