The course involves the techniques in advanced instruction and practice in writing news stories with emphasis on investigative reporting and other comprehensive reporting techniques. The students will be made to identify government policies on SAP, MAMSER, 6-3-3-4 system of education etc; they will learn sources of news on government policies; analysis of the special problems and intricacies of reporting government policies; explain how to handle leaks and deal with Official Secret Act; write news on government policies; identify various social problems such as drug trafficking, child abuse, prostitution etc; state the dominant principles and techniques in reporting social problems like fairness, objectivity, balance etc; write in-depth news on social ills; discuss art news by identifying various popular arts; write stories about arts for newspapers and magazines; identify various specialized news situations like parliamentary, court/tribunals, labour, sports, health, education etc; write news on the aforementioned specialized areas; explain the principle and rationale for human interest stories; distinguish between human interest stories and other kinds of news; write human interest stories; define news analysis, news features and interpretation; prepare stories demonstrating knowledge of news analysis and news interpretation; define impressionistic reporting; explain the techniques involved in impressionistic reporting; identify the pitfalls in impressionistic reporting and write impressionistic news stories.