Air pollution: The atmosphere, atmospheric gases; pollution from naturalsources (volcanoes etc), human activities (burning of fossil fuel, automobile exhaust emissions etc); the ozone layer, atmospheric particulate matter. Environmental impact of air pollution: green house effects of air pollutants (NOx SO2, CO, particulate matter etc).

Air quality: ambient air quality standads. Emission standards. Air quality assessment/pollutant measurements. Cntrol/treatment of industrial emissions. Waste Recycling: Introducing aspects of was treatment for recycling (reuse). Liquid wastes (sewage, industrial effluents) treatment for reuse. Bio-degradeable organic wastes for composition to serve as organic manure 60h (T)

Chemistry of natural waters, redox equilibra and complex ion in natural waters.

Catalysis by micro-organism in water. Water analysis

Level of Study: 400 Level