Mr. Paul osagiede

Organization of plant cells.The plant cell wall structure

Nitrogen metabolism i.e pathways of amino acids and protein biosynthesis in plants.


Dr. S.C. Nwangwu

Biosynthesis of pyrimidines, purines and nucleotides in plants.


Transport and storage nitrogen, seed and leaf protein.

Cyanogenic Glycosides and detoxification processes.


Dr. Helen K Njoya


Biosynthesis and functions of porphyrins, metalloporphyrins, chlorophylls and tetrapyrroles. Photosynthesis, light and dark phases of photosynthesis.

The C3 and C4 plants and their pathways. Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM) plants.


Alkaloids – Biosynthesis and functions. Phenolics: phenylacetic acids, hydroxy1- coumarines, biosynthesis and functions. Biosynthesis and functions of quinines, xanthones, Stilbenes, flavones lignins, tannins e.t.c. Regulation of synthesis of phenolics.

Dr. S.C. Nwangwu

Phytohormones and related compounds. Auxins, cytokinins, Abscisic acid.

Ethylene and other plant regulators.

Level of Study: 400 Level