MTH 121 (3 Credits) Vectors, Geometry and Statistics (2nd Semester)

Types of Vectors: points, line and relative vectors,Geometrical representation of Vectors in 1-3 dimensions. Addition of Vectors and multiplication by a scalar,     components of Vectors in 1-3 dimensions, direction cosine. Linear Independence of Vectors, point of division of a line. Scalar and Vector products of two vectors. Simple applicatios. Two dimensional coordinate geometry; straight lines, angle between two lines, distance between points. Equation of circle, tangent and normal to a circle. Properties of parabola ellipse, hyperbola straight lines and planes in space: direction cosines, angle between lines, distance of a point from a plane

Introduction to Statistics. Diagrammatic representation of discriptive data. Mensures of location and dispersion for grouped data. Grouped distribution measure of location and dispersion for grouped data. Introduction to probability simple space and event, addition law, use of permutation and combination in evaluation probability. Binomial distribution,. Linear correlation, scatter diagram, moment and rank correlation. Linear regression.

Level of Study: 100 Level