Prerequisite:  Pre-degree Course content: Networking concept & definitions. Hardwar and software components. LAN types and topologies: LAN topology, LAN functional area. Network type (peer to peer, server (Station, server and wan connectivity, backbone), physical layer transmission (mechanical electrical, functional & procedure). Evoluation, OSI reference mode and Ethernet model. Origin of internet, internet architecture, backbone, & connection modes, internet facilities, internet organization, internet protocols, internet browser, search engines, HTML basis, introduction to world wide web, common terms relating to internet, security in internet, downloading. Uploading, EMIL facilities, Domain names, setting up. Practical session: visit to internet centers, HTML programming exercises, simple networking Course duration/regulation: this course shall be covered within 15 weeks of 3 hours per week or 45 lecture hours in a assessment shall be on the basis of continuous assessment (CA), and theoretical and practical exams. 

Level of Study: 100 Level