(a)        Introduction:

General survey of forms of industrial and intellectual property need for protection nature of protection comparative advantages of each form of protection.

(b)        Copyright:

International convention Main works protected, viz unpublished works, literary work dramatic and musical works, artistic works, sound and T.V. Broadcasters Ownership of copyright, viz Authorship, Joint Authorship Commissioned works, employee’s work, assignment, licenses infringement of copyright Remedies for infringement Copyright and the Press.

(c)        Trade Marks:

Definition of a trade mark right to apply and the application system remittable marks Restrictions on registration Effects of registration infringement of trade mark Remedies for infringement.

(d)       Patents:

The nature of patentable invention International Conventions Rights to apply and the system of application Opposition and grounds for Revocation Ownership of patents, viz: Co-ownership employee’s inventions, assignments and licenses Infringement Remedies.

Recommended Books:

Blasco White Patents for Inventions

Aldous, Terrel on the Law of Patents

Copinger and Skope, James on Copyright

Certer Rnell& Shone Janes: Copyright, Modem Law and Practice

Turner: The Law of Trade Secrets

Russel-Clerhe: Copyright in Industrial Designers.




Harris, L.J. Nurturing New Ideas: Legal Rights and Economic Roles.


Level of Study: 600 Level