This course aims to introduce students to the knowledge of intelligence as a field of study and practice. In a layman's language,  the course is about spying. In International  Relations we study interactions among state actors. We discuss how they cooperate in trade, science and technology, cultural matters, defence/security. But much as nations cooperate,  they also compete against each other. Each country seeks to be richer and more powerful than the rest. In this quest, they spy on each other because information is power. To attain military supremacy over other countries a country needs to collect secrets about their army, navy, and airforce. No country will voluntarily tell another the size of its army, the number of its jet fighters, or the location where its weapons are kept. The only way to get such information is through spying or intelligence collection. This is what we shall be discussing in this course: how countries within the international system spy on each other.

Level of Study: 200 Level