History, nature and development of International Humanitarian Law. The interface between Jus ad Bellum and Jus in Bello. The concepts of ‘war’ and armed conflict. The Law of Geneva - protection of the wounded and sick on land protection of the wounded, sick and shipwrecked at Sea. Treatment of combatants and Prisoner of War Status. Protection of Civilians during hostilities. Cultural protection, means and methods of warfare- conventional weapons. Nuclear weapons economy. Warfare. Law of neutrality, protection of the environment. Belligerent occupation. Nature and law of non-international armed conflicts. Implementation and enforcement mechanisms. Belligerent reprisals, war crimes trials. International Law of Naval Warfare, the International Red Cross and its functions. Recent trends on International Humanitarian Law International Humanitarian Law in Non-Structured Conflicts- Peace Keeping and peacemaking operations. African Traditions of International Humanitarian Law, adoption of National measurers for the implementation of International Humanitarian Law.

Level of Study: 600 Level