(a) The concept of State Boundaries in International Law. The nature of boundaries, functional stages in boundary -making. Delimitation of maritime boundaries. Boundary treaties. The rebus sicstanti bus. Rule State succession. Other territorial regimes = African practice. The Vienna Convention of succession of States in respect of Treaties, 1978 Preservation of Customary Rights in Boundary Treaties. The doctrine of continuity and finality of International or State Boundaries. The declaration of African Boundaries 1964. Management of Trans-Boundary Resources. Trans-border Trade Control of Tran-boundary Harm or Hazards. Joint management of International Non-Maritime Water Resources. Management of Maritime Resources, right of Land Locked States, Tran-frontiers Television. Enclaves and exclaves. Border and trans-borderarmed actions. Tran-frontiers television. The concept of Human Rights without Frontiers National Boundary Commissions and Mixed Boundary Commission. (b) Immigration Law - Factual and bases for the treatment of Aliens-concept of Aliens-Entry and Residence-Family Reunification- Termination of permission of stay and of Residence Voluntary Departure- Residence Status. The Lawof Asylum and Refugees.
Level of Study: 600 Level