The course will focus attention on the Intra-state and International conflict of laws problem in the Commonwealth African Countries. In addition to this, there will be examination of differences and similarities in Conflict of Laws problems of the leading legal systems of the world. Particular attention will be paid to the United Kingdom. Federal system within the Commonwealth and the United State in the following areas.

1.         Domicile:

(i)         Acquisition

(ii)        Loss

2.         Jurisdiction of Courts

(i)         Actions in Personam

(ii)        Actions in ram

(iii)       Limitation on the exercise of Jurisdiction

3.         Renvoi

4.         Torts

(i)         The Law Governing Liability

(ii)        Choice of Law the proper law of tort

5.         Contract:

(i) The elements of a contract

(ii) The choice of law the proper law ofa contract

(iii) Performance, excuse, discharge and damages.

(iv) Special type of contracts

6.         Property:

(i) Characterization of property

(ii) Immovable

(iii) Movables

(iv) Intangibles

7.         Family Law:

(i) Marriage

(ii) Divorce

(iii) Custody of children

(iv) Marital property

(v) Legitimating

8.         Administration of Estates

9.         Foreign Judgments.


INL 614 International Copyright, Patent and Trade Marks Law (6 Units)

International Protection of Industrial Property. The International patent system, transfer of technology. Treaties providing for the substantive protection - Paris Convention, Madrid Agreement, Nairobi Treaty. Treaties facilitating protection in several countries.

(i) In the field of patent

(ii) In the field of trademark

(iii) In the field of appellations of origin

(iv) In the field of industrial designs, treaties establishing international classification, protection of new varieties of plants.


International protection of literary and artistic property (copyright).The 1987 Berns Convention for the protection of literary and works. Treaties providing for the protection of neighbouring  rights. The EU Competition Law, the GATT/WATO and Trade related aspect of intellectual property. The World Intellectual Property Organization History, objectives and membership - cooperation with developing countries.


Level of Study: 600 Level