Introduction to assimilation, distribution, elimination and excretion of drugs. Practical and theoretical aspect of poisoning. Investigation of suspected cases of poisoning. Estimation of blood alcohol, Salicylate sulphonamide, cyanide, oxygen, CCh, ammonia and detection of barbiturate, cocaine, heroin, opium, phenothiazine, methaqualone etc in blood, urine, sweat, aspirates, etc. Porphyrin, causes, symptoms and laboratory investigation of porphyrinaemia. Porphyria and porphyrinuria. Haemoglobin, synthesis, chemistry of Haemoglobinopathies, Sulp Hb, CoHb, Met Hb. Definition, causes, consequences and investigation of some inborn error of metabolis: Phenylketonuria, galactosemia fructose intolerance, Albinism, aminoaciduria.


Level of Study: 500 Level