Physiology of kidney, renal clearance and glomerular filtration rate.Renal plasma flow, maximal tubular excretory and reabsorptive capacity. Urea, creatinine and insulin clearance. Concentration and dilution tests. Renal failure, azotaemia, anuria, sodium loss in renal diseases. Aminoaciduria. Kidney diseases and kidney function test. Urinalysis in health and diseases. Features of hypernatraemia and hyponatraemia. Investigation of water and electrolyte imbalance. Homoeostasis in clinical chemistry. Acid-base balance. The liver anatomy and physiology – an overview. Biosynthesis of bilirubin, excretion of bile pigments. Jaundice anatomical and physiological classification. Pigment excretion in jaundice. Liver diseases and liver functions test to include congo red test for amyloisis and faecal fat estimation. Biochemistry of neoplastic disorders. Diseases of the nervous system. Basic neurochemistry, CSF – normal composition and changes in diseases. Diseases of muscles.

Level of Study: 500 Level