ABO and Rhesus Blood Groups. Inheritance, distribution and genetic theory. Blood Grouping techniques and principles, disadvantages and advantages. Preparation of Antisera, Antiserum titration avidity, potency and specificity. Plant lectins preparation and standardization of antisera from lectins e.g Dolochos biflorus. Anticoagulants used in BGS; ACD, CPD-CPA-A etc in modes of action and side effects. Blood bottles (MRC) and plastic bags- Advantages and disadvantages. Donor screening using CUSO method other methods of screening. Preparation of blood products: cryoprecipitate, platelet-rich plasma, packed cells, fresh frozen plasma, fibrinogen etc. Storage of blood and blood products-various methods, advantages and disadvantages. Blood banking –organization structures, facilities and records. Blood group

Level of Study: 300 Level