Laboratory Management, planning a medical laboratory including the provision for the reception of patients, selection and storage of chemicals, materials and apparatus. Detailed knowledge of the principles, use and maintenance of common laboratory apparatus and equipment. Ventilation, air conditioning and dust control in the laboratory. Equipment used in special workbench e.g cutting-up benches, media-pouring, etc. Sterilization of air. Laboratory hazards and safety measures to be taken in the use of radioactive and dangerous materials. Emergency treatment for accidents. Laboratory Records, maintenance of records: reception, recording storage, filling and indexing of specimens and result. Organization and operation of a system of quality control. Cataloguing and indexing of laboratory supplies.Methods of recording experiments. Health commodities supply chain management, SOPs for management of Medical Laboratory commodities, Logistics Management Information System (LMIS), Product selection, Quantification and Storage of Health Commodities, Supply planning, shipment scheduling, monitoring and supervision of logistic systems


Level of Study: 300 Level