Instrument aspects of qualitative and quantitative analysis- theory and practice of some common analytical techniques: colorimetry, spectroflourimetry, flame-photometry, conductometry, polarography etc. Osmometry, nephelometry, turbidemetry, pH measurement by ion specific electrodes- separation techniques including Electrophoresis: paper, cellulose, acetate, Agar gel starch and polyacrylamide gel. Isolelectric focusing, Isotophoresis, Chromatography, Ion exchange, Gel filtration, molecular sieves; dialysis, filtration, solvent extraction, Centrifugation – ultracentrifugation, Immunoelectrophoretic techniques, radio immunoassay, competitive protein binding, Isotope dilution techniques, Enzymes Immuno assay, Receptor Assay, Automation, Micro and Ultra Micro Analysis. Practical based on the above topics.


Level of Study: 300 Level