Biopharmaceutics: The areas to be covered in this course will include the fate of a drug after administration; physical significance of drug concentration in the blood; biological factors in drug absorption; physicochemical factors affecting absorption; dosage form consideration in gastrointestinal absorption; bioavailability and bioequivalence. In addition, the problems associated with pre- formulation of drugs and the design of dosage forms from an industrial perspective will be discussed.

 Correlation of in-vitro and in-vivo data tests: Examples of correlation of in-vitro and in- vivo data of some drugs, e.g., aspirin, digoxin, grieseofulvin and oxytetracyclin tablets and capsules.

 Problems involved in obtaining perfect correlation. Regulatory affairs and clinical trials will also be discussed.

 Drug Delivery Systems and Biotevhnology: Drug release mechanisms; ocular, transdermal and trans-nasal delivery systems; other novel drug delivery systems; site-specific/targeted delivery; bioartificial organs; production of therapeutic proteins/biochemicals; gene therapy/genetic engineering protein/peptide delivery, liposomes, polymeric substances; design of therapeutic and diagnostic agents.

Aerosol Science and Technology: Formation of aerosols; basic aerosols technology; formation techniques of different aerosol systems; factors affecting spray characteristics of aerosols; filling techniques and testing methods of aerosol packs.




Level of Study: 500 Level