Health is a vital aspect of the human existence fully protected by the Country’s Constitution. Yet its critical essence needs to be well articulated within the discipline of law as a course of study because of the important and controversial health care issues involved with implication for the individual, family and society.

 Legal Aspects of Reforms in Health Care Issues.

             Informed Consent, Right of Die, Right to Treatment, Issues in Medical Malpractice, HIV/AIDs, etc.

            Doctor-Patient Relationship, including interface or moral ethical and legal problems in modern medicine.

            Health Care Institutions ... Emphasis on recent development e.g. National Heath Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

            “Costs” of Health Care Delivery, New Payment Methods, Status/Rights ...

Implications of NHIS for Medical Care.

            Comparative National Health Care reforms, Policies and Laws.


Level of Study: 500 Level