Introduction to Criminal Procedure; Sources of Criminal Law in Nigeria – Criminal Code and Penal Code. Arrest of Suspect; Complaints by Information, First Information Report, Trial Procedure under the Criminal/Penal Code of Northern Nigeria, Statement of the Accused at the Police Station upon Arrest, Related Matters of Duress, etc. (Procedure in Southern Nigeria). The Charge: Defective Charge; Amendment of Charge; Withdrawal of Charge; Striking out of Charge. Arraignment: Charge Read and explained to each Accused Persons; Plea; Change of Plead, Bail by Court, Trial Procedure Prosecution Witnesses, Defence Witnesses, Close of Prosecution Case: Address by Counsel. Jurisdiction of Criminal Trial Courts. Adjournments and Related matters. Enforcement of Witnesses to appear in Court and testify; Contempt of Court Proceedings; Visit to Locus in quo of Crime. Principle of fair hearing in Criminal Trials; Judgment: Conviction; Sentence; Hierarchy of Criminal Trial Courts: Appeals against Conviction and/or Sentence; Appeal Procedure; Appeal with without leave of Court, Stay of Execution pending Appeal; Judgment on Appeal Affirmation of trial Court Judgment; Setting aside of trial Court Judgement; Order for retrial by the same Judge or by another Judge.


Level of Study: 500 Level