Objectives of Civil Procedure, Sources of Civil Procedure Rules. Parties to Civil Action, Causes of Action; Service of Court Process: Service within Jurisdiction, Service outside Jurisdiction, Service on Limited Liability Companies, Personal Service, Substituted Service; Defective Service. Commencement of Action by: Ordinary Writ of Summons, Specially Endorsed Writ, Originating Summons, Applications, Petitions including Election Petitions, Detective Writ of Summons, Motions on Notice and Exparte. Entry of Appearance: Limitation of time, Venue of Proceedings, Civil Jurisdiction of Courts. Pleadings and Amendment of Pleadings: Statement of Claim, Statement of Defence, Counter Claim. Procedure for the Enforcement of Fundamental Human Rights, Procedure for Recovery of Residential Accommodation (Landlord and Tenant): Trail Process and Procedure, Security for Cost, Joinder of Actions and Parties, Discontinuance of Action, Inter-pleader Proceedings: Visit to Locus in Quo: Orders of

 Court: Injunction, Interim and Interlocutory, Striking out of Suit, Transfer of case to another Court. Judgment of Court: Judgment in default of Appearance, Summary Judgment Procedure, Final Judgment, Costs, Setting aside of Judgment, Non-Suit. Enforcement of Judgment: Judgment Summons, Recovery of Judgment Debt, Writ of Attachment and Subsequent Sale, Writ of Fife, Enforcement against the person of the Judgment Debtors. Appeals: Hierarchy of Civil Courts and their Jurisdiction, Stay of Execution pending Appeal, Setting aside of Judgment.


Level of Study: 500 Level