Microscopy and micrometry-use and care of microscopes. Refrigeration and Freez-dries principles, uses, care and maintenance. Handling of laboratory animals. Laboratory location and floor plan. Laboratory organization and management. Simple analytical techniques in chemical pathology. Presentation of volumetric analysis. Urinalysis. Principles of tissues preservation, fixation, processing and staining. Handling of surgical autopsy specimens. Removal of formalin pigment, basic tools of the microbiologist: wire loop, cotton wool, pipettes, swab and their uses, preparation of films and basic staining techniques: Gram’s stain, Ziehl Nelson’s stain. Haematological stain principle and components. Blood film preparation and staining, pipettes, Counting chamber’s care and uses. Haemoglobin, PCV estimation, WBC counting.


Level of Study: 200 Level