Short history and definition of biochemistry: importance of Biochemistry to medicine and other scientific disciplines. The living cell: Organization and Molecular architecture. Types of cell and their characteristics. Structure and organization of Biological membranes, Biomolecules and the origin of life. Chemistry of biomolecules. Carbohydrates classification, structure distribution and functional role of named examples. Chemical properties and reactions. Essential fatty acids, Eicosanoids, fat soluble vitamins – structure and functions. Peptide bonds and hierarchy of protein structure. Nucleic acids: RNA and DNA structure/function of enzymes, Zymogens. Active site and specificity of enzymes. Inhibition and activation of enzymes. Factors affecting enzyme-catalyses reaction. Allosteric enzymes, isoenzymes. The concepts of vitaminoses, Hypovitaminoses and Antivitamins. Vitamins and their co-enzyme function. Biomedical importance of vitamins.


Level of Study: 200 Level