Experiment I:


The influence of the route of drug administration on pharmacological





Experiment II:

The relationship between agonist concentration and magnitudes of drug





Experiment III:

Introduction to bioassay methods

Experiment IV:

Experiment on rabbit jejunum

Experiment V:

The Guinea pig ileum preparation

Experiment VI:

The rat uterus preparation.

Experiment VII:

Cholinesterases and anti-Cholinesterases

Experiment VIII:

The effect of neuromuscular blocking drug on the rat phrenic nerve



diaphragm preparation

Experiment IX:

Assay of antagonists.

Experiment X:

Specificity of antagonists

Demonstration I:

Finkleman Preparation.


Demonstration II:

The  isolated  perfuse

heart  (Laugen-dorff) preparation.

Demonstration III:

The study of the effect of parasympathomimetic drugs on



cardiovascular system (in-vivo)

Demonstration IV:

To demonstrate adrenergic mechanisms using cat blood pressure


Level of Study: 300 Level