Review of the anatomy and physiology of the autonomic and somatic nervous system; General principles of neurohumoral transmission; Cholinergic transmission; Synthesis,

storage and release of Ach; Muscarinic and nicotinic actions of Ach; Muscarinic receptor agonists and antangonists; Cholinesterases and anticholinesterases; Drugs used in myaesthinia gravis; Drugs affecting autonomic ganglia; Neuromuscular blocking agents;

Adrenergic Transmission; Syntheisis, storage and release and inactivation of noradrenalin; Neuronal and extra-neuronal uptake mechanisms; Sympathomimetic amines, adrenergic neuron blocking drugs, drugs affecting the storage, release and disposition of neurotransmittes; Studying neurotransmitters; Nitric Oxide (NO) and Non-Adrenergic Non-Cholinergic (NANC) transmission.


Level of Study: 300 Level