The clinical pharmacy clerkship consists of the pharmacy based experience (externship) and the clinical clerkship (Medical Experiences). The pharmacy based practice involves scrutinizing prescription for completeness dispensing and patient counseling under the supervision of a Pharmacists.

 The clinical clerkship involves the posting of students to the hospital wards to form an integral part of the medical team.

 Emphasis is placed on the therapeutic monitoring of patients, rational drug selection and dosing, monitoring for interactions and adverse drug reactions, taking of medication histories, patient counseling and education.


 Pharmacy supervised experiences (Externship)

          Dispensing: in and out patients

            Scrutinizing of prescriptions and dispensing

            Medication dosage and instruction mode of administration

            Compatibility of drug combinations

            Alternative to prescribed drugs

             Patients Counseling/Education

            Patients drug history and medication profile

            Patient medication instruction cards

            Patient compliance.

 (c)      Hospital/Community Pharmacy Environment                                                                                                                      66

            Location, Arrangement

            Floor space, Equipment

            Organizations etc.

             Drug Information centre/Service


 This involves wards rotations conferences and case studies. It is done within an affiliated University Teaching Hospital or Community Health Sector.

 Areas to be covered include psychiatry, internal medicine paediatrics, gynaecology/obstetrics, surgery through the sites. Each student will make an oral case presentation and submit/defend

two individual report and one group written report after the rotation. Written examination may be required or remedial grounds.


Level of Study: 500 Level