Studies of various laws are regulations governing the practice of pharmacy, sale of drugs and pharmaceuticals. Need to explain the pharmacy laws in their relations to the broad principle of public law and civil code case histories can be relevant. The history of Pharmacy (globally and in Nigeria) and Pharmacists Act, Professional Responsibilities/Ethics.


History of Pharmacy-Nigeria/World


           Ethics of Pharmacy Profession in Nigeria

            Law related to NAFDAC

 (National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control); NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency); son (Standard Organization of Nigeria), Pharmacists council of Nigeria (PCN);

WHO/FAO Codex Ailimentarium Commission United Nations Narcotic Commission, federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA)etc

Foods, Drugs and cosmetic laws including regulation, inspection, advertising, manufacturing, sales/distributions.


        Poisons, Drugs list (EDL)

        National Drug Policy;

        Fake And counterfeit drug laws

-      Consumer Protection Council Law all other laws related to pharmacy practices, including those of pharmacists

         Disciplinary committee and Assessors rules

        Pharmacists registration rule

        Dispensing of Drugs

        Patent and Proprietary Medicine etc

        Legislation on animal products

        National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)

        Other Health Policies.

 A pass mark of 60% is required

Level of Study: 400 Level