Terminal Objectives

The students should be able to:

         Define the basic concepts of Pharmacokinetics

        Use raw data and derive the pharmacokinetic models and parameters that best describe the elimination.

        Critically evaluate biopharmaceutical studies involving drug product bioequivalence and bioequivalence.

         Design and evaluate dosage regimens of drug using pharmacokinetic and biopharmaceutical parameters


 -             Definition  of  Terminology  and  symbols  used  in Pharmacokinetics

-              Compartment models single and multiple compartment models

            Drug Absorption

            Bioavailability and Bioequivalence

            Drug Clearance

            Hepatics Elimination of Drugs

            Intravenous Infusions

            Multiple Dosage Regimens

            Prolonged Action dosage form Administration

            Non-linear Pharmacokinetics

-              Relationships between pharmacokinetics Parameter and Pharmacologic       Response



Level of Study: 400 Level