This course comprises of

1. Photochemistry and the its applications in drug therapy

2. Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry - focuses on the classification of drugs, role of physico-chemcal properties on biological activities of drugs.

3. Drug Metabolism - chemical basis of metabolic drug reactions

4. Drug design: Physico-chemical approaches to drug design, Historical, Free-Welcon and Hansch approaches. The concept of isosterism. Bioisoterism as a tool in drug design. SAR in drug design. Anti-metabolite and pro-drug approach to design of new drugs.

5. Medicinal chemistry of some selected compounds - focusing on the following classes of drugs in respect of their nomenclature, physical and chemical properties, structure-activity, relationship, synthesis (when necessary), assay, metabolism, where applicable and uses, General and Local anaesthetics, Sedative-hypnoties- benzodiazepines; Antipsychoties-phenothiazines; Anticonvelsants-phenytoin, carbamazines, Analgesics; Antidepressants-mepramine.



Level of Study: 500 Level