Practical exercises in quantitative analysis of compounds of pharmaceutical important. Standardization of NaOH (use of primary standard). Standardization of HCI (use of secondary standard)

 Determination of the percentage of acetysalicylic acid in Aspirin. Determination of the percentage of sodium salicylate in a given sample.

 Determination of sodium potassium lactate, Rochelle salt NaKC 4H4O6-4H2O Standardization of O.IN KMnO4 solution, determination of Fe2SO4 in a given sample.

 Determination of percentage of Calcium lactate in the given sample Standardization of O.1N sodium thiosulphate solution of Iodine, B.P determination of strong iodine solution.

 Determination of percentage of w/v C6H5OH (phenol). Determination of percentage of NH4C1(Ammonium Chloride) in the given sample. Gravimetric determination of sulphur


Level of Study: 200 Level