Design of Rigid Pavement: Factors Affecting Design such as Wheel load and its repetitions, Area of Contact of Wheel, Sub-grade strength and its properties, Poisson's Ratio, Reinforcement. Analysis of Stresses, Design Based on Fatigue Behavior of Concrete, AASHTO Method of Rigid Pavement Design, Reinforcement in Slab, Design of Joints, Design of Dowel Bars, Design of Tie Bars, Continuously Reinforced Cement Concrete Pavement, Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Pre-Stressed Concrete Pavement.

Construction of Concrete Roads: Introduction to Concrete Mix Design for Rigid Pavement, Production/Transportation of Concrete, Manual Construction Methods, Temperature of Placing, Joints/Dowels/Tie-Bars/Curing, Quality Control, Use of Admixtures and Additive in Concrete, High Performance Concrete.

Overlay Design and Construction: Need of Overlays, Overlay Design Methods for Flexible Pavement, Overlay Design Methods for Rigid Pavement, Rigid Overlays for Flexible Pavements-White Topping.

Shoulders: Definition, Function of Shoulders, Shoulder Width, Typical Cross-Section, Shoulder Surfacing, Design Construction and Maintenance.

Highway Economics: Economics of Pavement Types, Basis for Comparison, Cost of Initial Construction/Maintenance/Vehicle Operation, Equivalence in Thickness, Time Value of Money, Evaluation Techniques such as NPV, Benefit-Cost Ratio, IRR, Comparison of the Various Methods of Economic Evaluation.


Level of Study: 500 Level