Waste Water Management

Types of waste water; Treatment methods- unit operations and Unit processes;

Methods of Wastewater (Sewage) Disposal includes: Small Scale or for house hold: septic tank; soak away pit; Imhoff Tank; etc; Conventional large Scale Method: Biological Bed;  (Bio-filter)  or Trickling  filter; Oxidation Pond;  Caroussel Ditch; Pasaveer Ditch; Activated Sludge; Aerated Lagoon; etc; Purely Natural Method:  By Stabilization Ponds whose components include:  Anaerobic Pond; Facultative Pond; Maturation Pond; etc Problems of Waste Management in the Developing Countries.

Air Pollution and Control                                                            

Introduction: Sources of Air pollution, Units of Air pollution; Classification of pollutants, Effects of air pollutants on Environment, plants and Human Health. Air quality management, Pollutant Standard Index.

Meteorology and Dispersion of Air; elemental properties of the atmosphere and influence of meteorological phenomena on air quality- Lapse rates and Dispersion, pressure, winds, moisture and dispersion. Pollution dispersion behavior in the environment.

Air pollution control systems: Control devices for particulate contaminants and control devices for devices for gaseous contaminants.

Global Environmental problems due to Air pollution: Definition, Causes, Potential Effects, and solution to Global warming, Ozone depletion and Acid rain, Green house effects.

Level of Study: 500 Level