Stress in Soils: Total and effective stress: Pore water pressure and pore pressure coefficients A and B; Seepage pressure: liquefaction, quick sand and boiling; Introduction of stress distribution in layered system from Boussinesq’s theory and Westergaard theory, for various configurations. The 2:1 method of stress distribution.

Consolidation and Settlement: settlement of structures on soils, immediate (elastic), consolidation settlement and secondary compression. Settlement of structure on cohesionless soil using sedimentary Schmartmann’s method.

Sheer strength of Solids: General strength consideration, state of stress at a point and Mohr stress circle. Mohr Coulomb theory failure: shear tests; vane shear test, direct shear test, tri-axial test; shear strength of saturated clays, shear strength of compacted unsaturated clays, sensitivity of soils, residual strength parameters.

Level of Study: 500 Level