Civil Engineering works standard and measurements. Civil Engineering Quantities, legal, professional and ethical aspects of engineering.

1.2. Problems And Challenges Facing Consulting Services and Constructing Industry

                        Three Parties Involved in Civil Engineering Contract. 2.1 Client (Promoter)

2.1.1  Category of Client

2.2    Consultants (Design Team)

2.3    Contractor (Construction Team)

2.4    Design and Build

2.3.1  Categories of Contractor

2.5Organizational Structure of a Company

                        Preparation of Company Prequalification File and Brochure 3.1 Technical and financial proposals

                        Types of Contract

                        BEME (Bill of Engineering Measure material and Evaluation) or BOQ.

                        Bidding (Tender)

 6.1.      Definition of Bid or Tender

6.2         Types of Tender ( Bid).

6.3         Bid Evaluation Process

                        Terms Associated with Civil Engineering Contract. 7.1 Aids Memoire

7.2    Force Majeure

7.3    Variation

                        As-Built Drawing

                        Project Construction Form (PCF) 7.6 Collateral

                        7.7 Loan and Grant

7.8.      Moratorium (Grace Period), etc.

8.            Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding.

                        Breach of Contract and Litigation.

            Further Terms Connected withCivil Engineering Practice

10.1. Explanation; ( list of parties involved in ) and features of the following

 Terms Connected with Civil Engineering Practice:

(a) (i) Bill of Exchange; (ii) Draft; (iii) Check;  (iv) Promissory Notes;

(v) Negotiable Instruments.

10.2. Clear Distinction between each terms listed above.

                        Engineering national and international Bodies NSE, COREN; WFE, FIDIC, etc.

                        Work and Project Implementation Schedule

                        Project Construction Process

                          Project Management

                         Job planning and control – Programme charts – bar charts critical path methods Project Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT), etc.

                        Construction machinery and equipment.

                        Applications/case study – dams, foundations, bridges, highways, industrial buildings, sewage works.

                        Legal Aspects of Civil Engineering Profession

                         General Introduction to Common Law and Contracts

                        Formation of Contract Offer and Acceptance, Consideration,

                        Conditions of Contract; Memoranda of Understanding and Forms of agreement

                        Nature of Building Contract; Terms of Tender; Standard forms; Bill of Engineering Measurement and Evaluation (Bills of Quantities).

                        Force Majeure and Breach of Contract

Engr. Avemaria Matthew Eze; MNSE

Level of Study: 400 Level