General Introduction to Transportation


Role and importance of transportation in national and socio-economic development..


Means of transportation: (i)  By Road (ii); By Railways; (iii) By Waterways; (iv) and by


            History of Road Development. Early development of Tarmacadam, Metcaf, Highway and Macadam construction, modern development.

            Types and Classification of Highway: (i) Access road; (ii) Avenue; (iii) Boulevard;

              Cul-de-sac; (v) Federal roads; etc. (vi) Streets; (vii) Dead end Street; etc.

2.2.         Classification of roads based on functions:

            Trunk A Road (or Federal Road); (b) Trunk B Road (or State Road); and

           Trunk C Road (or Local Government Road).

             Traffic Engineering

3.1. Characteristics of traffic (speed studies, delay studies, origin and destination studies and traffic composition studies, etc.)

3.2.         Traffic operations; Control and Operations.

3.3.         Planning and Analysis.

3.4.          Administration and Management.

 4.1. Highway Geometric Alignment.

4.2.Aims and Objectives of Highway Geometric Alignment.

4.3 Factors affecting safety and comfort of motorist

4.4. Use of Engineering surveying and geo-informatics in setting out road.

4.5. Horizontal Alignment.

4.5.1. Types of Road Curves.

4.5.2. Design and Setting out Road Main Curves and Transition Curves.

4.6. Analysis, design of Vertical Alignment.

        Origin and Destination Studies, Parks, Accident Studies and Prevention Measures.

            Highway Pavement

6.1. Highway construction materials.

6.2. Highway construction materials (sub –base course; road base course; top wearing course).

6.3. Basic Highway Engineering Soil Mechanics and Soil Tests.

6.4. Types of Road Pavement (Flexible Road Pavement and Rigid Road Pavement).

6.5. Layers and structural elementsof flexible road pavement (sub-grade; sub-base; road base and top surface wearing course).

6.6.  Types of Flexible Road Pavement (Bituminous and Asphalt Surfaced Roads).

6.7.  Analysis and Design of Flexible Road Pavement by the following methods:

            CBR Method; (b) British Design Approach; etc.

6.8. Recent Federal Highway Manual Design Charts and Regulations.

7.0. Street Lighting.

8.0. Failure of Road Pavement and Maintenance.

8.1.Immediate and Remote Causes of Failure of Road Pavement.

8.2.Remedial Measures of Failure of Road Pavement.

8.3.Road Maintenance.

9.0. Establishment and Function of FERMA.

Level of Study: 400 Level