Viscous flow theory; mechanism of viscosity, equations of motions for viscous Newtonian fluids. Navier – Stokes equation for laminar flows: simplified forms and some exact solution. Laminar velocity distribution. Elementary channel flow. Introduction to turbulence. Some applications of viscous flow theory; the viscometer, hydrodynamic lubrication, ideal flow theory: introduction to the concepts of circulation, irrotationality, velocity potential and stream functions. In viscid equations in general forms: Boundary conditions for in viscid flow, Poisson and Lap-lace equations and their elementary solutions; Elementary flows and principle of super position. Lift and drag on cylinder. D’Alembert’s paradox. Kutta-Jukowecki condition. Introduction to Aerofoil theory.

Power Systems and mechanical equipments:        Mechanical power systems, their applications and

operations. Drive requirements for: pumps, fans, machines tool cranes.


Level of Study: 300 Level