Basic Concepts and Fundamentals of design process, materials selection, building regulations and codes of practice. Design Codes (BS 59500; 5268)

            Design philosophy, elastic design: limit state design.

            Basic serviceability and economy.

            Estimation of Dead load; Live Load; Design Load.

            Design of various structural members, namely: beams, columns, slabs, ties, struts, foundation, etc. Consider various shapes of structural members: Universal beams I-Sections; Joists; Universal Columns (H-Sections); Channel sections; Angle (L-Sections); etc; Carrying out necessary checks.

            Design of Shear Connectors: Gusset plates and; bolts ; rivets, connections and joints, etc.

            Design of stiffners, etc.

             Wind Loading; Incorporating wind loading in design of structural elements such as roofs walls; and tall columns.


Level of Study: 300 Level